5 Stars · Reviews.

Pride – Rachel Vincent.

Title: Pride

Author: Rachel Vincent

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 21 Aug 2009

Page Count: 432

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary.

Rating: 5download (1)



‘The werecat council has three cardinal laws – and headstrong Faythe stands accused of breaking two of them: infecting a human with her supernatural skills and killing him to cover her tracks. With the death penalty hanging over her head, Faythe has no escape route left.

That is, until a shapeshifter informs the pride of a rash of rogue strays terrorising his land. Yet this threat is nothing like any they’ve seen before. Only Faythe has the knowledge to save the pride, but can she prove her worth? Or will the council’s verdict condemn them all…?’


This series just keeps getting better. this has to be the best book so far. Faythe has grown up so much (Which considering her situation, i think i would too). She’s not as selfish as the previous books and she actually shows a much softer side to her in this one. We’re actually starting to see the full Faythe and i’m loving it!

So in this one, Faythe has been brought in by the council for being charged with infecting Andrew, her human ex-boyfriend, and then killing him. Which of course the infection was accidental and the killing was self-defence.

“You still haven’t. I wasn’t threatening him, you were.”

Its so fast paced that you cant take your eyes off the pages in case you miss something. Rachel didn’t give you the chance to sit back and think about what was happening, as when you turned the next page there was another jaw dropper waiting for you. It was so well written, Faythe was so much nicer and much more caring in this one. She finally understood the trouble she was in and the mess she got the Pride in.

“Is it true that you’ve turned down multiple proposals of marriage over the past six years?”

Marc was just as loving as the previous two books. Always there for Faythe and always put her first. He is still so madly in love with her even though they are no longer together. It was so sad to see him hold back as he didn’t want to get hurt again. Poor Marc.

I hate. Literally despise all the other Alpha’s, all the member of the council were ass-holes. They all have a strong dislike for Faythe and her family. Malcolme is the worst, he is just plain evil and i cant wait to see what comes of him. Please just die already. I just don’t understand why they were all so against her, even after she showed them what they wanted. Bringing up stupid shit to use against Faythe when it was obvious that she wasn’t guilty. Pathetic pussy Cats.

“Why do you always leave when i can’t stop you?”

Oh no, Don’t let go Marc!


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