Hello and welcome to My Reading Corner. You’ll probably find me here most days reviewing, fangirling and recommending my most fave books or sadly the not so great ones.

I have been a serious bookworm from ever since i can remember. My mum used to read most nights when i was little and i used to beg her not to stop even though i was half asleep. I loved that just one book could do so many things to your head, even as a little girl i was blown away by it. It’s funny, me and my mum used to argue about how someone looked if we read the same books, we would never pictured the guy the same, even though the description was obviously there, we never once thought a person looked the same. That is what i absolutely love about books. They are magical.

By the age of thirteen i was begging my mum to take me to the book shop so i could buy my first ever book. I remember looking around like woow! There was so many books, i didn’t know where to start, that day we walked out with 4 books each. From that day i was hooked on reading, my bedroom was full of books. I didn’t go out because i had a book waiting for me to finish after school. Me and my mum used to share some books and take it in turns because we both wanted to read it so bad and couldn’t wait for the other one to finish it. I just couldn’t put my books down and 10 years on i am still the same, exploring all kinds of worlds and getting lost in them, not a day goes by that i haven’t had my kindle in my hand or one of my paperbacks.

Now i thought i would share my passion and love for books after all these years through this blog.

So take a look around, read some reviews or book recommendations and hopefully you can fall in love with the magic of books like me