My Ratings.

I solemnly swear i am up to no good 😉

No really, i solemnly swear to be as honest as i can when rating a book. I will explain why i didn’t like it as best as i can without offending the author, but yakno someone trash is another mans treasure. Not everyone is going to feel the same.

I do not base my rating on spelling mistakes or poor grammar


5 STARS- This shit is good, actually its more than good, its FREAKING amazing. i want to marry every person in the book and never let them go. Will deffo re-read, probably a billion zillion times.

4 STARS- I really enjoyed the book, will probably still want to marry them and take em home with me. But something was missing.  Will more then likely re-read the book in the future but wont be on the top of my list.

3 STARS- Feeling it but also not feeling it. probably had to put the book down a couple of times. couldn’t get in to the book. Will more then likely not re-read the book.

2 STARS-  Was not feeling it at all. I need to feel in the book to actually enjoy it and i obviously didn’t feel that. Was either really slow so couldn’t get into it or it was way to fast and missed out important parts that was really needed. Will never re-read again.

1 STARS- I hate, literally HATE giving one star ratings. Hate it with a passion as i feel like the authors hard work has all been for nothing. BUT if i did rate the book one star then, i obviously did not enjoy the book at all. In fact i probably hated it and was pissed off that i wasted money and time. So would i re-read? HELL NO and would probably delete it from my kindle too.