5 Stars · Reviews.

Rogue – Rachel Vincent.

Title: Rogue

Author: Rachel Vincent

Publication Date: 21 Aug 2009

Page Count: 400

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary

Rating: download (1)



‘Rebellious werecat Faythe is shocked when the bodies of murdered men begin turning up in her Pride’s territory, especially as the killings can be traced back to her former life as an ordinary college student.

But could a message from an old friend provide a chilling clue?Faythe knows that a past indiscretion may have led to these men’s deaths. She also risks exposing her family’s supernatural secret. Faced with a terrifying choice, Faythe must decide: pray the tribal council grant her mercy ; or risk everything to pursue her own brand of justice.’


I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book, i really enjoyed Stray, the first book in the series and i was far from disappointed with Rogue. It was just as awesome as the first book. The story continues from where Stray ends, well a couple of months later. Faythe is now working as an Enforcer with Marc, who she is now dating again.

Not long into the book the Pride starts getting anonymous calls, directing them to dead bodies. With that going on they also discover a pattern of Stripper’s missing, human Stripper’s.

In this book Faythe develops a hell of a lot throughout it, she still is selfish at times and, well, just plain stupid at others. She makes soo many mistakes too, i was literally sat there like “Wait what? What the fuck is wrong with you?!” But she has learnt to admit her wrongs and she finally realised that she needs to apologises when she fucks up. Yay, go Faythe. She’s still Bad-ass.

“Your tongue is rough, too, but your lips are still human, and i see no sign of fur.”

Rachel Vincent has a way of sucking you in and making it hard to put the book or kindle down. That is what i loved about it, i was stuck the second i opened the book, was sucked in from page one and couldn’t put it down, even when i had too. I was seriously going to give up sleep for this book, then i thought ‘How the hell and i’m meant to parent my Satan child on zero hours sleep?’ So obviously i burned the book and rolled over to sleep. Jokes.

Soooo much happens its crazy. Its so so so much better than the first, i’m so happy at that because i was dying to know what happens and now i will deffo read the whole series. The ending was just perfect. It makes you feel like you need the third book like, yesterday! Ah i’m so excited.

“Thy’re charging you with infecting Andrew, then killing him to cover it up. Two capital crimes. The hearing begins in eight weeks.”



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