4 Stars · Reviews.

Elias – Sabrina Paige

Title: Elias

Author: Sabrina Paige

Format: Kindle

Publication Date: 7 Nov 2014

Page Count: 331

Genre: Fiction, Romance, New Adult, Military

Rating:  4download

Description ~

‘River Andrews Call me Cinderella. I’m a rags to riches story – girl from trailer park becomes Hollywood starlet. And I’m about to get my happy ever after. That is, until I walk in to my house, three hours before my wedding, to find my rock star fiance sticking his c**k down my sister’s throat. With cameras behind me, filming. I’m running from the whole humiliating thing. I’m not prepared to run straight into him- Elias Saint. He’s completely wrong for me- damaged, dirty, and demanding. But once he touches me, I can’t walk away. Elias Saint Some people carry their wounds on the inside. Every f**cking step I take, I’m reminded of mine. I lost my leg in Afghanistan. Since then, I’ve just been lost. Now I’m going back to West Bend, Colorado, the place my brothers and I ran like hell to get away from. And she’s hitched a ride- River Andrews. A f**cking movie star. This isn’t a fairy tale. Happy endings don’t exist. And I’m no f**ing Prince Charming. But, for her, there’s a chance I might be.’

This was a very sweet read. The Characters were well written and i loved the way they interacted with each other. River was due to marry her famous rock star fiance but she walks in on his Wang in her sister’s gob. Disgusting. Bitch. So then she obviously goes on a complete rampage with his baseball bat. To his shit. Then does a runner. Understandable.

As she’s trying to hid from the paps she mates Elias, Ah Elias. Sweet Sweet Elias. Elias is home bound after losing his leg in Afghanistan. He’s smoking, tattooed, cocky and swears like a sailor. I love him.

“I’m missing a leg. I’m not fucking blind.”

River was Bad-ass and i loooove Bad-asses. I will happily point out in every review if the heroine was Bad-ass or not. And well, is was a big one. She was also fucking hilarious and called Elias out on his shit constantly.

Hung like a fucking horse. I’d say he probably has several inches on you.”

I do feel like it could’ve had a bit move angst or drama in it, as there was hardly any. And i mean like NONE. The sister and fiance? All forgotten about. Like it didn’t even matter! Uh no. So it got plain and boring after awhile, kept repeating stupid shit too, shit that didn’t matter.

Overall, this was a good read, i nice easy read to pass the time. I am looking forward to reading the next books. I’m dying to get to know his brothers. Especially Silas. I want to know whats going on with them. Mmm Twins. And to see how River and Elias is working out.

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