2 Stars · Reviews.

Hate Me – Jaxson Kidman.

Title: Hate Me

Author: Jaxson Kidman

Format: Kindle Edition

Publication Date: 6 Jun 2017

Page Count: 291

Genre: Fiction, Romance, New Adult, Military

Rating:  2 2-stars




My name is Mason and my rules are pretty simple. I get what I want. You get what you need. And then you get out of my bed, my apartment, and out of my life.

My new neighbour is a beautiful, innocent woman named Violet. She’s so pure it drives me wild. I can’t stop thinking about her… so I play with her a little. I test her boundaries. I make sure every time I bring a woman home, she knows. She hears the moans and screams through the wall. She blushes when she sees me. I know she likes it. I know she’s curious about my reputation. It’s only a matter of time before I finally take what I want from her.

 Her cherry’s untouched and I’m f*cking hungry for something sweet…’


I came across this book on amazon as it was in my recommendations and the description sounded pretty good, so thought id give it ago as it was only 99p. This is the first time i

have read anything by this author and this book had so many 5 stars ratings. So i thought i must love it right? wrong.

I don’t know how i feel about this one. A part of me liked it the other, not so much, in fact i indeed hated mason most of the time. The way he treated violet is disgusting. I get that we all love a bad-ass, a dirty talker and you know the whole ‘I’m the man attitude’ but this dude was a dick with a capital D.

He’s this way because he doesn’t ever what to fall in love again, so he would rather women hate his ass or anyone hate his ass really. I get it everyone gets burnt and feels like they don’t wanna love again, But he is so bad that i don’t understand way violet gave him the time of day.

They met in the restaurant she works at, Some stuck up dude is all up in her grill and Mason gets involved. Guess i have to give him brownie points for that. And well that’s when it all starts between them really. Well and that she moves in next door.

Like i said, i did enjoy it because it was real funny at times and i did start to understand mason towards the end of the book, but in my eyes he is just a prick really. Violet deserved someone hella better then him but she fall anyways. It always happens aye.

 ‘I’m not him, i wont be him. if you need me to take that sting away, then i’m you man. I’ll fuck you until you can’t remember who you are. Until you can’t remember who he is. Anything after that… not a chance.’

But i have to say, that ending really shocked me. Like whoa back the f up, what just happened. I’m even debating buying the second book because holy shite, i was deffo not expecting that to happen. I will more than likely read the second book in the future but i’m in not rush too do so as i didn’t love this one. And will probably be pissed at myself for wasting money and time.

The sex scenes were great though, so that’s always a bonus aye.


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