4 Stars · Reviews.

BEAST – A. Zavarelli.

Title: BEAST

Author: SA. Zavarelli

Format: Kindle Edition

Publication Date: 17 May 2017

Page Count: 243

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Romantic Suspense

Rating: download


‘Once upon a time, I believed in fairytales.
But then he took me.
And he taught me that life isn’t a fairytale.
He is scarred. Broken.
A dark and wild thing.
His beauty is violent and his words are cruel.
His heart is a shadowed landscape where nothing can grow.
He tells me he could never care for me, and he proves it every day.
He’s destroyed my life.
Tortured me.
And worse…
He’s trained me to beg for his affection.
This prison is a place where sunlight doesn’t reach.
He taught me that hate is born in darkness.
And then he taught me that sometimes love is too’

What The..

‘This isn’t your mother’s fairytale…’ Yep, you got that right! This one is definitely not for the faint hearted. Yet i couldn’t put it down and stayed up waaay past my bedtime too finish it. I literally didn’t stop and read it in a day.

It was all kinds of fucked up, there was torture, rape, kidnapping, mental and physical abuse and a hella lot of aggressive sex.

“This will stay in place until i have a use for your mouth.”

Javi is so damaged that it has literally made him loco! At the start i was like whoa what is wrong with him, why is he like that? what made him like that? And i nearly stopped reading as it was so brutal, so disgusting. But i’m glad i did continue and i slowly started to understand him. He was still so vile though. What he made poor Bella do. He was literally a monster, a beast.

“I’m not an animal. This isn’t right, Javi. You have to know this isn’t right.”

So much goes on in this, i was blown away so many times and couldn’t take my eyes off this book. The twists and turns were driving me mad, just when i thought i understood what was going on and what was going to happen next, some crazy shit happened and i’d be sat there like “what. The. Fuck?!” It was sooo good.

I normally go for happy books, the ‘marry me’ kinda books, not something as dark and disturbing as this one, but i can’t tell you how much i actually loved and enjoyed this book. 

“Because i am broken. All i can d is cling to the comfort.”

I don’t really understand Bella, how she can fall in love with Javi, after everything he done to her. The rape, especially. But i think her falling in love and everything after, made this book for me. The ending made me want to cry.I do feel like the last couple of chapters were really rushed and i had to go back a few times, to check i didn’t miss anything. So many things happened towards the end that it got a bit confusing.

“Nothing else matters when Javi is real, and he is right here beside me.”

So so glad there was a epilogue because that ending was crazy. I couldn’t believe it would end like that! After everything that happened, it ended like that. I even sat there for awhile like “Shittttt” before i flipped the page and realised there was a epilogue. I can’t wait for the next book, if there is going to be a next book.. There better be a next book!

“You are still my monster”

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