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Pretty Stolen Dolls- Ker Dukey & K. Webster.

Title: Pretty Stolen Dolls

Author: Ker Dukey & K. Webster

Format: Kindle Edition

Publication Date: 11 Sept 2016

Page Count: 246

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Romantic Suspense

Rating:  5 download (1)


‘Benny loves his pretty little dolls.
As long as they do exactly as they’re told.
He keeps them perfect by brushing their hair
and gives them pretty dresses to wear.
He likes to toy with them late at night.
One so timid but the other likes to fight.
When his favorite doll runs away…
despite the other doll promising to stay,
his heart becomes broken and he can’t help but cry.
He wants her back home or his pretty little doll must die.
Have you ever had to make a decision that haunts you every single day for the rest of your life…the life you stole back?
I have.
I ran for my survival, rocks and twigs cutting into the soles of my feet, my lungs burning and screaming for rest, every muscle tensed and fighting along with me for existence.
I left her.
I ran, ran, ran—from Benny and his lone, pretty little doll—until I couldn’t remember where to find them again.
I’m sorry.’


I’ve gone way out of my zone with this book, but it was a free bee and no one can turn down a free bee. So even though i have loads of books on my too read list i pushed this one right too the top and went head first into it without even looking at any of the reviews.

“Benny with the golden brown eyes and easy smile never climbed into the van that day. there never was a Benny.”

Yah so Whoa.

Way and i mean WAY not something i would normally go for, this book was so dark and fucked up. I feel so sorry for Jade, she has been through so much and being so young when it all happened to her. Such a strong character.

It starts with her and her sister back when they got abducted at the flee market. That’s when they first met Benny, he was selling doll. Creepy shit man.

“Everyone knows i was abducted with my sister when i was fourteen and somehow manged to escape when i was eighteen, leaving my then thirteen-year-old sister behind. Each person know i nearly died the day i escaped when i was hit by a ford pickup truck”

I didn’t want to put the book down, it trapped me from the first page. I needed to know what happened to her and how awful Benny was, even though it was horrible to read about what he done to her i just couldn’t stop.

“Shhh, i love you. Pretty little doll.” 

Jade’s Emotions were so well written that i felt like i was there suffering with her, that i was locked in that cell. This book had everything, from suspense to a little romance. It keeps you hooked through out with so many twists and turns, i didn’t know what was going to happen next.

“I may not be in that cell anymore, but Benny is every bit still my master.”

I enjoyed all the characters but i especially loved Dillon. He was so understanding and there every step of the way. I loved that they came together and became more than just work partners. And the ending! My god the ending. Even though you knew it was eventually going to happen it still shocked the shit out on my and blew my mind.

“Dillon fucks me like a lion would his bitch in heat as his protectiveness washes over me.”

I literally can’t wait to get my hands on the second book. I may even look up some other books by these two.

Five BIG Stars from Me.

“Welcome home, dirty little doll”

MOTTTHERR. That shit gave me the tingles.




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