5 Stars · Reviews.

Hate To Love You ~ Tijan.


Title: Hate To Love You.

Author: Tijan.

Format: Kindle Edition

Publication Date: 28 Aug 2017

Page Count: 400

Genre: Fiction, Romance, New Adult.

Rating:  5  download (1)


Rule #1: No hot guys. It might sound ridiculous. I get it. It kind of was, but college was supposed to be my sanctuary. It was my place to start over. The rumors, the whispers, and the jealousy I endured through high school would all be gone. No one would know me at college.

Rule #2: No drama. I’d major in pre-law. I’d make a few loyal friends. Everything would be easy-breezy. No one was going to use me or hurt me. I wouldn’t let them.

Rule #3: New year. New place. New me. Right? Wrong. And all because of Shay Coleman.

Football captain and quarterback, he was the big guy on campus. The cocky guy in my political science class with a smirk. I hated him on sight . . . and he was about to break all my rules.’
I haven’t read a lot of books by this author, the ones i have read were okay. Not the best, but i did enjoy them. So when i saw that this one was coming out, i wasn’t too sure if i should by it or not. I read the blurb and thought ‘Hmm not too bad, not too bad at all’. I normally wait too look at the reviews on a book that i’m not too sure about, but i couldn’t help myself and pre-ordered it the day before it came out.

“Oh, look at that.” Her hips had an extra sway to them. “Even her ass looks like a bitch.”

Kennedy was a bitch. She was a mean horrible bitch, but i loved her, i understood her. I feel that she made the book so much better with her bitchy-ness. I read some reviews after reading this and i was shocked to see so many bad reviews because of Kennedy, some people just can’t appreciate bitches. We need them.

Shay is the big man on campus, where he goes, drama follows. Shay and Kennedy are the perfect couple, it started of as hate then friendship, then more. There was no insta love, which i loved. I don’t understand why authors do that, the best part of the book is when the couple get closer and you can see their love starting to grow.

“and if he could’ve floated forward on a magic carpet and taken her in his arms, he’d already be singing “A Whole New World.”

This book had me laughing so hard at times, had me crying because some bits were so heartbreaking, had shocked as shit and so many other emotions. I loved this book so much, i will definitely be re-reading it, many, many times. I wish and hope Tijan with be bringing out another book Just to see how they are getting on as a couple and what the future brings for them.

“When I see you’re hurting, I want to wipe it away. When I see you doubting yourself, I want to give you the best damned pep talk in history. When you cry, I want to make you smile. When you laugh, I want to make you laugh harder. When you moan in my arms, I want to make you dissolve into a puddle. When you’re insecure about how I feel about you, I want to replace that with a proclamation that I love you so hard that I never want you to question us again.”

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