Pretty New Doll ~ Ker Dukey & K.Webster.

Title: Pretty New Doll

Author: Ker Dukey & K.Webster

Format: Kindle Edition

Publication Date: 18 Jul 2017

Page Count: 215

Genre: Adult, Dark Romance, Thriller.

Rating: 5 download (1)


‘Benny, broken, hurting, and alone
Lost his dolly, his love, his home.
Injured and searching, reborn anew,
He finds himself befriended by one who’s true.
Learning about the world, urges, and lust.
Finding a new future, a new dolly, is a must.
Then out of old pain, fresh prospects come to life,
Benny’s sick mind summons him, so his hand takes the knife.
Have you ever been so lost that you became a shadow? Lurking but not living. Existing in the background where no one notices you.
My doll betrayed me, killed me in more ways than she realized.
I’m watching, waiting, wanting.
One day soon she’ll give me back what she took away…
it’s funny how life works that way.

Oh my, Oh my, Oh my. I read this book three days ago and i still cant put into words how i feel about it. Benny Benny Benny, you poor poor soul. I don’t know if i want to hug him or kill him, he’s lost everything.

“It’s my grandpa’s,” he grumbles. “He’s eighty-eight. I can’t throw it away.” He frowns, stuffing it in his pocket. I grin. “That’s the most pussy he’s had in a while.” “Fuck you, man.” He fastens his seatbelt and looks over at me. “So, this was a bust.”

So this one again starts off where the last book ended, Pretty Lost Dolls. They all think Benny is dead, after what happened in the previous book. And well, he isn’t. It was quite different from the last two, more blood, more killing, more gore. It wasn’t about Jade or Dillon either, they were obviously in it but it was more focused on Benny.

“Like if you were doing the marijuana.”

Benny is so angry, he would do anything to get his Dirty Doll back, he cant believe that she escaped again. That what was his, is no longer. He wants to hurt Dillon for taking Jade, but he needs to be smart, he needs to take his time.

It was so fast paced, the book flowed well. It captured you from the very beginning and held you in until the very last page. I couldn’t take my eyes off of my kindle and yet again, i went without sleep just to finish the book. I have to admit that this wasn’t my favourite in the series, i think the reason for that is because of Jade not really being in it. I absolutely love Jade.

“Dolls, as in plural?”

You really need to read this series. They are brilliant, they keep you guessing throughout and keep you wanting more. I do need more, i NEED book number four to come out, like, yesterday. The first and second book came through the post yesterday, ahhh they are beautiful. I can’t wait to get the third one on paperback too! And i know once the forth book comes out, ill buy it on my kindle and on paperback as the wait will kill me.

Oh, did you know that Benny has found his New Doll? He’s found his Bethany…

The cliffhangers are killing me. KILLING ME.

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