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August Reads.

I love keeping track of what i have read or how many books i have read in a month or even a week, i’m like the crazy book lady. But when you don’t write it down, you always forget. My life is a forgetful mess half the time. So i have decided to put my recently read list on here. Blogs are so amazing, woooo. I cant remember the books from last month, i know i read a lot, i read every night. Screw you sleep, not like i need to anyway.

So i’m gunna start fresh and this is going to be my August read list, obviously. And i will try to remember to post the book i just read on here, i probably wont remember, i went out without a bra on today. Thought i’d own that shit, i really didn’t, must remember to always wear one. Please brain, don’t fail me. so yeah, my list.

~ The Soul Mate – Kendall Ryan.

~ Pretty Lost Dolls – Ker Dukey & K.Webster.

~ The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena. 


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