Books, Books And More Books.

I always lose the piece of paper that i write the books i own on, i thought that it would be so much better to just put them on my blog. How much easier would that be, i’m such a smart cookie. I could add to it whenever i buy a book, without having to write it all out again because i didn’t leave enough space for the letter K. I hate it when that happens.

I haven’t read all of my paperback books yet, i’m a nightmare for charity shops. I love them! I’m always in them spending pennies on books that are way to expensive to buy new, even though i already have so many that i haven’t touched yet. So i’m also going to do a blog post with a list of books on my TBR list. I don’t even want to get started on my kindle books too, the amount of books i have on there is cray. I also have a couple i need to read on there too. I really need to stop buying books, am i though? Of course not.

So if you have read a book on the list don’t hesitate to message me about it, i love hearing about other people’s opinions on books.  I can talk books all day, everyday. Or if you haven’t read one but are planning too, message me as well and maybe we can read it together.



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